A Little About Me

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 Hi, I am Eftal ,I am a father of 2 beautiful girls and a husband to the most beautiful wife.

I absolutely love being outdoors, anything that gets me out in the forest I am up for it. The Lake District is literally our back garden, We are always out hiking as a family.  I also love my little garden, love planting and growing things, so If I am not editing I am in my garden.

Photography has always been my biggest passion, I’ve had a camera since I was a kid taking pictures of anything and everything. With almost 10 years experience and having shot over 400 Weddings, It is safe to say I am a highly Professional Lake District Wedding Photographer.


  Telling your story through my creative eye and creating that memory is what I love doing. I love sunshine, I love golden colours, I love magical photos that looks like it is out of a movie.    

  Please scroll through my Wedding Gallery to see some examples. 

I specialise in creative, stylish and relaxed wedding photography.

For me it's important to allow people to be themselves and enjoy the day, with natural smiles and laughter as they are always the best photos .

I aim to photograph what’s there, what’s happening, while at the same time, doing some  creative shots, and providing you with stunning images that you will treasure .

I adore the small moments in between just as much as the rest, and nothing about your wedding day will go unnoticed.

This is your day to shine, so smile and enjoy it while I capture your story.

I understand booking a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting task. There are so many options, especially in this part of the country, so investing in a photographer that you love is very important.

I always advise my clients to research and view as many photographers as possible and make sure the one you choose is the one with the right style for your special day. 

One of the most important points to take into consideration is my unique style. I adore the golden warm tones with a film look. It might be rainy or sunny, it doesn't matter, as my warm-film-look will still be there. If this is what you are looking for then we might be a good match. 

Don't forget this is an investment, You are spending a small fortune, so make sure your wedding is well documented and you LOVE them!

Always remember, when the weddings is over, your dress is hung in your wardrobe, your photos will be the only thing left in your hand.

If you have any more questions, please don`t hesitate to contact me

Have you not decided on your other suppliers yet?

Please check out my link below to see some of the best in business!

Please find my recommended suppliers list below.


Awards & Features

-Top 100 Best UK Wedding photographer by yourperfectweddingphotographer.com

-Top 50 Best UK wedding Photographer by gohen.com

-One of the  "ARTISTS OF THE YEAR 2020 Categ: Wedding Portraits" by  LOOKSLIKEFILM.com

-2 years in a row featured amongst "Best Wedding photos of 2019" by LOOKSLIKEFILM.com

 -County Brides North West Wedding Awards Winner

-County Brides North West Wedding Awards  Finalist Twice

-Hitched.co.uk UK Wedding Awards Finalist

-The 4th English Wedding Awards Finalist-Global Website Lookslikefilm.com  featured 5 times-Global Website Yourockphotographers.com featured 4 times

-Global website Photobugcommunity.com featured

-2 Front Magazine Covers of North West Wedding Magazine

-3 real Wedding features in North West Wedding Magazine

-Real Wedding Feature in Brides Magazine

-Various features in other blogs, websites and magazines.


Where are you based?

 I am based in Barrow-in-Furness, a beautiful part of The Furness peninsula, only 20 minutes away from The Lake District 

Do you travel ?

I am a Lake District Wedding photographer but I am happy to  travel all over the country and aboard. 

Can we have a little chat before we book you?

I am more than happy to get together and talk about your wedding, if not we can always arrange a Zoom  or a phone call. 

How do we book you?

All I need to secure your date is a booking form to be filled out and returned along with your £200 booking fee.

What time do you start and finish?

I start 2 hours before the ceremony, and finish 20-30 minutes after the first dance.

Do you require a meal?

It is a long day, and I am a food guy, so I do please require a hot meal. Usually a burger or something similar is more than enough to make me happy :) 

How long will it be until we can see our pictures?

​Previews will be available within 2-3 weeks.  Full gallery will usually be minimum of 10 weeks after the wedding day.

Do you take group shots? ​

Yes. I have a small list of groups shots I do, I can provide this on request. I aim to finish the group shot session  between 20-30 minutes. Ushers can be very helpful to gather people required for pictures during this period!

​Do you have any insurance?

Yes, of course, some venues require to see this.

Can we print our photos? ​

Of course you can! They are your pictures! 

Do you have any back-up cameras?

I work with 2 cameras whole day, ( I am a Nikon guy ) and I always have another spare in my bag. 

Do you edit in any other way? 

No! Definitely not. I don`t edit in any other style, and I never plan to do so. I love warm tones, golden colours, no matter what the weather is like or whatever the season is, I will edit with my own style. 

Do you provide RAW files? 

Nope! Sorry , I don`t ever give,  show or sell unedited images, RAW files.


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